Alien Conspiracy Theory

I have to admit I am a sucker for a good conspiracy theory.  The Kennedy Assassination, Fake Moon Landing, Hollow Earth, 911, Philadelphia Experiment, and the list goes on.  But the one I think fascinates me the most is Roswell UFO Incident.  Everyone has at least heard of the Roswell UFO Incident and on the surface it is pretty simple:  The US military shot down and recovered an alien spacecraft complete with 3 aliens in Roswell, NM in 1947.  But if you dig beyond just the surface there is a lot more “conspiracy” behind this theory.  I am not saying I believe any of it, but I’m not saying I don’t either.  If nothing else, it does make for some great science fiction.

I will try to summarize the who theory from what I have read.  I probably won’t get each detail exactly right, but it should be close.  So what initially caught my attention is back in the mid-1990’s I caught a story about a guy named Bob Lazar.  Lazar claimed to be a scientist who had worked out in Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada.  This is where the US Government does a lot of super secret work.  I think it is mostly associated with new aircraft development, but who knows what all is going on out there.  Lazar said when started work out in Area 51 they took him into a hanger and his job was to do some work on what they called a disc (this is what the governement calls flying saucers).  At the time Lazar thought they were building a new secret aircraft.  Initially, Lazar’s job was isolated to the outside of the disc.  After some time, one of the engineers working inside the disc was terminated (lost his job, not killed) and Lazar was moved inside the disc.  Lazar said once he was in the disc he noticed strange writing and the seats were not suited for the average size adults, but more for someone much smaller.  It was then he realized that they were not building a new aircraft but reverse engineering a space craft.  An alien space craft.  In time he learned it was the alien space craft that was shot down in Roswell in 1947.

Now, of course, my initial instinct was that this guy is either a crack pot or someone trying to get attention.  But Lazar managed to get a respectable reporter to listen to his story and report it.  I forget who the reporter was and which publication he worked for, but he a moderately know reporter who worked for a somewhat major publication.  The reason why the reporter started to believe Lazar is that the US Gov said he was a nut job and denied he had ever worked there.  But then the reporter found an old phone directory for Area 51 and Lazar’s name was listed.

Lazar went on to discuss some of the propulsion technology that was being reverse engineered.  The disc was levitated and propelled with matter/anti-matter reactions that could produce an anti-gravity effect and thrust.  The key ingredient to this advanced propulsion was element 115.  Because the aliens came from a binary star system, essentially a planet with 2 suns, the gravitational forces there helped provide the necessary conditions for element 115 to occur naturally on their planet.  Because element 115 does not occur naturally on Earth, there has been great effort expended here to try and create it.  That is why billions of dollars/euros/etc are spent on super colliders.  The purpose for building super colliders is usually stated as something along the lines of trying to understand the origins of the universe, but in reality they are trying to create element 115.

There is much, much more on this conspiracy theory from the 3 aliens they recovered from the disc to the Majestic 12, a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials that was formed after the disc and aliens were recovered and supposedly now governs the world.

So if any of this sounds interesting, and like I said above, it is at least some good science fiction, google Bob Lazar or element 115 or Majestic 12 and see what you find.

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