Yo Ho Ho…

My friend Mike is a freak about rum.  He is always pouring several different kinds of rum and is constantly on the lookout for something new.  Because of his rum habit, I too have been exposed to many different kinds of rum and I have come to appreciate a fine rum.

When most people think of rum they usually think of Bacardi or Captain Morgan’s, both of which are good rums.  But to truly appreciate the fine qualities that rum has to offer you need to branch out and try some of the more premium brands out there.  One of the big upsides of being a rum connoisseur is that unlike, say scotch where you could easily spend $150 a bottle, the average rum is only about $20 a bottle.  And the really good rum is between $30-$50 a bottle.  Sure there are some speciality rums that I am sure run much higher, but I haven’t really seen them in the liquor stores and I have been really pleased with the stuff I have been able to buy locally.

Whenever we entertain, I will often encourage my friends to try some of the good rum.  strangely, it does not seem like a lot of people have really explored the different rums out there.  When pursuing bigger and finer tastes, most people seem to focus on beer, wine, scotch, and tequila but not really rum.  The best you can usually find at a restaurant is usually a premium Bacardi like Bacardi 8 (which is good).  So most of my friends haven’t ever really heard of or tried any of the top shelf rums.  When they come to my house and I serve up some good rum (like Mike did for me) the reaction has always been very positive.  They love the stuff and start looking more into the different rum offerings out there.

I have been drinking rum for about 2 years now and I think I have converged on a favorite.  There a several that are at the top of my list, but one has clearly emerged as my favorite.  That one would be Diplomaticao Reserva Exclusiva.  There are several Diplomatico’s and I have not tried them all, but this one, the one with the green label that cost about $32 is really, really good.  The one with the orange label, the Reserva, is also very good and cost only about $24.  I never get the orange label though, I always spend the extra money and get the green label.  I have not tried the others, but I am willing to bet the Anejo is even better and I look forward to trying it out.  So if you are the kind of person who likes to seek out the finer things in life, be it music, cigars, cars, booze, or anything else you should try Diplomatico Reserva Exclusva rum.  You won’t be disappointed.

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