Current California Radiation Levels

I am what most would consider an enthusiast photographer.  I put some money into it and I spend time on it and I am probably average at best.  But I want to get better so I am constantly searching the internet for ideas and information.  One of the sites I read almost daily is which is, of course, managed by a guy named Ken Rockwell.  From what I can gather Ken lives in Southern California and is a former electrical engineer who now runs his web site full time.  I believe he is a very smart guy and he is constantly reviewing different cameras, lenses, all sorts of photographic gear and other electronics.  I have found that the facts, data, analysis, and explanations Rockwell presents are extremely helpful, his opinions are less so.  Overall though, is a tremendous resource that I encourage any photographer to checkout if they have not already.  So what does all this have to do with the current radiation levels in California?  Well Rockwell has purchased himself a Geiger counter and he is posting daily radiation levels on his web site.  He also has a very good explanation of what it all means and how it affects you.  This is interesting now because of the terrible disaster in Japan has caused radiation to be released into the atmosphere and it is spreading across the globe.  It is also interesting otherwise because Rockwell lives near other potentially toxic sites and he has taken radiation readings nearby.  To summarize his findings, there is currently no danger of radiation exposure in Southern California, but check it our yourself:  Current Radiation Levels In California

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