100 Miles Per Gallon – The Great Oil Conspiracy

A long time ago, well about 30 or 40 years ago, 2 guys around here name Mike Shetley and Mike Moody developed a carburetor that they used to modify a gas guzzling Ford into a 100 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) fuel miser.  Not only that but the performance was greatly improved and the emissions were almost non-existent.  They made the local news and the car was called the Moody Mobile.

They were about to take it to the next level when they announced they were moving to North Carolina where they disappeared.  And their car was never heard from again.  I am suspicious they were paid to quit pursuing their invention and retired comfortably.

So what was so special about their carburetor?  Well it essentially provided a way to mix a little bit of water with the fuel and air.  Why water?  Because water turns into steam when heated.  And as we all learned in college thermodynamics, when steam expands almost nothing can stop it.  So the carburetor provided a mixture of air, fuel, and water which it would then inject into the cylinder.  The piston would compress the mixture and when the fuel is ignited by the spark plug, the 3500 F combustion turns the water vapor into steam which then rapidly expands.  The expanding steam not only reduces the amount of fuel required, but it increased the horsepower because, as I said before, when steam expands, nothing gets in its way.

I wonder how many other ideas like this have been “retired”?

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10 Responses to 100 Miles Per Gallon – The Great Oil Conspiracy

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  2. The Engine was a Perkins Diesel I worked there when we built it. It was a 4/203 with a air research Turbocharger Robert Sandera for President

  3. Robert W. Sandera is working just as hard as he possibly can to get his 100 million jobs plan out there and has Contractual Promise to America. Mike Shetley’s And Ralph Moody’s Car started out as a 1978 Chevy Monza but they both raced with Ford so Ford sold them lemon yellow Capri’s for 7000.00 they put out in Moody’s stock car shop for $12000.00 With the Perkins Engine. I know everything in those cars to get what they got etc we leaned the engine down in engineering and got 84 MPG City and 105 MPG Highway. We had some of the engines in full sized company Dodge vans that worked well too.

    Jimmy Carter contracted to put engines in all the mail Jeeps then The Bush Family made it disappear allot more than once. Moody died of old age think about 85 a few years ago. Shetley supposedly had his life ruined by the Government and lives in a mobile home park now in Florida. I Am more of a Scientist and A Computer Scientist CGI Perl Programmer amongst other things and was begged to come to work for Ford but couldn’t tell them I was sick at the time nobody knew what WAS KILLING ME IT TURNED OUT TO BE A HUGE PARATHYROID TUMOR that gave me Cancer that could have all been prevented if it wasn’t for some Dirty Cops in Michigan.

    But they prompted me to become an expert in Federal Law and suing crooked cops Judges and Politicians so I want to clean up our Country and jail A FEW PEOPLE. With Computer technologies and modern supercharger and Turbo Charger and learning some from Fords Engines Training Manual Engineer Dallas Applegren I believe I can propel a full sized American truck beyond 150 MPG. If Oil companies don’t cooperate with me to bring gas down I am going to hold the entire World hostage and release my free energy source that will run conventional fuel engines for free. A Barrel of oil will be worth a nickel then.

    How ya like them apples you crooked energy people. If they know what’s good for them they will allow me to force gas down to 1.25 a gal in America while I put 105 MPG cars in every household in America and re-employ the nation the same way Henry Ford did build a product its workers can afford have credit with and prosper from its efficiency. NO other person has any plan and Romney is such a two face he will steal what I say but cant back it up because he lacks my lifelong engineering Genius.

    Tell people vote for Robert W. Sandera for President because I am the only hope and I will immediately end all wars and negotiate World peace immediately. I will bust my ass working 80 hrs a week until I see American people back working prospering happy again and no other candidate can provide anything like that. We have got to stop being the world police and engaging in Nation Building so private companies can rape AND PILLAGE ALL THE TAX DOLLARS..Big Government was needed to stop them and that’s why they hate it. We have got to give up these divisive political parties and policies and UNITE and RISE in STRENGTH. We have got to run the crooks out of the Government that only care about the .5 percent and themselves. Not all rich people are bad so I believe I’ll represent the 99.5 percent. The other .5 percent are traitors that should be stripped of citizenship rights intellectual property of Copyrights Trademarks, and Patents and kicked out of the Country never to return. We don’t need Traitors committing Espionage against the Unites States of America the Greatest Country in the World. Unite with me and Fight Back. Robert W. Sandera

  4. for any nformaton on the Ralph Moody Mke Shetley Project contact me through robertsandera.com worked at perins Engines when the engiine and car was built and know everythiing about it.

  5. sorry keyboard skips

  6. Anonymous says:

    lulz tinfoil hats

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mike shetley was my mom and dads friend. He was a very generous and hard working man. He tried to make this fuel saving motor public but the goverment put a stop to it! He died of a massive heart attack a few years back!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My step dad worked with Mike Shetley in the early 1980’s in Welaka Fl. They built replica cars from fiberglass.At the time Shetley gave my dad a Ford courier with that same type perkins turbo deisel engine in it. After they parted ways my step dad gave me the truck.I was 18 and drove it hard.and still got over 80 mpg. If u drove it 45mph in fifth gear at 1400 rpm’s it got 110.8 miles to the gallon.I know for certain it did as I owned it.I have apicture of the truck.how ever not the engine.never though tto take a picture of the engine.That engine did exist and did get high fuel economy.

  9. Jeff Stone says:

    My step dad used to work for them..Gary Congden now passed away when I was 17 now I’m 50. And they raced a car called the warrior which I drove

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